Essay on Prison Violence

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When we do research on daily prison life, we come across two typical but less than ideal situations: either social imaginaries cloud our judgment or information provided by the prisons themselves hide certain weak or bad aspects that they do not want to make public. We can also find information on TV, but most of the time it either exaggerates or minimizes the facts. In order to obtain more reliable information, we have to have access to people who are working or have worked in this institution, and such will be the sources of this essay. We will be describing and giving examples of prison violence according to three types of violence: sexual, physical and psychological violence. First of all, one of the types of prison violence - which…show more content…
If the newcomer is heterosexual the typical practical joke consists on one hardened criminal tricking him or her to have sex under the pretext of protecting the newcomer against other prisoners if they do so. It is a cruel joke because the joker has previously informed several people what the newcomer will do. The heterosexual loses his dignity because from that moment on he or she will be seen as homosexual or bisexual, anyway, as a weak, coward and fearful person. If the newcomer is a rapist, he or she won't be lucky. It is incredible, but all types of prisoners -except for rapists- really loathe rapists. Prisoners will take revenge for what rapists have done to society, and this revenge will be even worse if they were imprisoned due to rape of children or elderly people. As it was stated before, prison sexual violence can also be performed by paying for sex or sexual favors. There are two types of payment: drugs or benefits. If the prisoner is a drug addict, he or she will need to satisfy his or her addiction, so the addict will have to sell his or her body in order to get money to pay for the drugs which can only be acquired from prisoners who have more power or who belong to a powerful gang or group in prison who can acquire the drugs. Prisons are as micro-societies where all the negative values are exacerbated and the positive ones reduced. As in all societies, there is also a market, illegal and difficult to beat
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