Prison and Program Review Committee Essay

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Resource: J O'meara, Gregory. (2010) article in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings
Write and 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that summarizes the arguments for and against confining sick and older adult prisoners in jail.
Which of these arguments do they think have merit?
What values underlie each position?
How does medical parole or release fit into this discussion?
Provide alternative solutions to the problem and discuss their overall impacts.

Parole for the elderly


Parole for the elderly

The idea of sympathetic release of ill and elderly prisoners is not new. In 1994, Professor Russell published consideration of medical parole and compassionate release programs of district and fifty states of Columbia. Only three
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Since so much of jail life happens far from the public’s view, changes in implications and policy of long assumed truisms are infrequently observed by those that are not openly affected by penal system.
One good point of Wisconsin’s reconsideration is recent changes in sympathetic release standards for prisoners in state correctional facilities. This legislation streamlines the procedure and expands the category of those eligible for sentence modification and. Although the law has much to recommend it, issues unaddressed may prove costly—notably the unintended consequences of placing financial burdens on the families or communities to which these prisoners are released in a bleak economic climate.
By way of background, Wisconsin’s current sentencing structure is relatively new; it was overhauled between 1998 and 2003 under the provisions of the state’s Truth
In Sentencing legislation. Under that law, parole was abolished; felons sentenced to prison are now given a bifurcated (two-part) sentence in which the sentencing judge specifies an amount of time a convicted felon will serve in prison and an amount of time the person will serve in the community on extended supervision. Under
The original provisions of Truth in Sentencing, most inmates, with approval of the program review committee at their respective institutions, could petition the sentencing court for release to extended supervision in certain extenuating

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