Prison and Rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Idrees Ahmed CJS 230 June 9, 2012 Ray Delaney Jr Rehabilitation Rehabilitation The good in rehabilitation is when it works. “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink”. The same principal is at work with rehabilitation. The programs can be made mandatory, but that doesn’t mean the inmate will adapt their behavior to accept the programs. Rehabilitation comes from inside a person. The person must want to change his behavior and make use of the programs available to them. Intentions of rehabilitation Rehabilitation is specific programs applied within a prison setting intended to bring about the end of criminal behavior called desistance, meaning to cease or stop.…show more content…
For most inmates the rehabilitation era meant three steps: classification, assignment to the institution that fit that inmate and participation in the programs in order to get out of prison. Death of rehabilitation The rehabilitation era was slow to develop and never became fully integrated. Robert Martinson, Douglas Lipton and Judith Wilks said “ The field of corrections has not yet found satisfactory ways to reduce recidivison by significant amounts”. Which is a way of saying there is no magic bullet that kills criminal behavior. Conservative scolars argued that retribution and incapacitation were more appropriate objectives of punishment. Psychologist objected to in in prison rehabilitation, because the environment was on conducive to rehabilitation. Prisoners had their own complaints, their individual needs were not meet, it was “here it is; take it or leave it’. In 1975 the Bureau of Prisons gave up its medical model and replaced it with the Balanced Model, in which retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation were all possible objectives to use with different inmates. The end of rehabilitation was most noticeable in sentencing. Discretionary release on parole was abolished. Rehabilitation remained the core of juvenile courts. Programs gave inmates something to do. Programs provide opportunity to change; inmates who want to change use the programs to help
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