Essay on Prison and Treatment Alternatives

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Prison is a punishment given to someone who has broken the law. Prison term is given to an individual who has broken the law from doing so again and to discourage other people by his example. It has been used as a punishment in many countries for many years. The amount of criminals has never decreased; it has only increased through the years. In United States between 1992 and 1995, a 43 percent rise in marijuana arrests and other crime were accompanied by a considerably high increase in crime (Schlosser 90-102). Prisons does not solve the problem of crime (only in rare cases), instead it has just done the following three things according to criminologist Norval Morris and David Rothman: "They provide a dumping ground for unwanted people, …show more content…
The cost of incarceration in Canada is a large portion of 2 billion dollars per year (Griffiths 77). In Mother Jones magazine (July 2001) it says that since 1980, the money spending on prisons has grown six times faster than what has been spent on higher education. That is just two of the many facts about the cost of incarceration, but incarceration is not only about the offenders, it is also about the hiring of the 1000 new correctional officers announced in April 1998. The ratio of officers to prisoners in Canadian prisons has increased by 43 per every 100, making the cost go higher. The annual cost of supervising a convict on parole is 19 755 dollars per year (CSC, 2005). Putting America together, the country spent over 100 million dollars a day to jail individuals with serious drug and alcohol problems, plus 30 billion taxpayer dollars spent on incarcerate. These numbers never decrease, they only increase. In the year of 2000, United States alone used a drug-control budget that reached 18.4 billion dollars (Newsweek 2001 37-43). A new release of Obama Administration’s has requested 15.5 billion dollars for federal drug control (PRWEB April 2011). This was a high amount of money spent on controlling drug problems and incarceration. Instead of using all this money on the idea of imprisonment, they should use it on something that cost less and works more effectively; drug courts
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