Prisoner B-3080 By Alan Gratz

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Reading Reflection

Reading is not one of my favorite things to do, but every once in awhile I get a book I like. One of my favorite books I have read is book called “Prisoner B-3080” By Alan Gratz. It was one of few books I that I just wanted to keep reading. The book was about a boy named Yanek, he was a Jewish boy that lived in Poland during the holocaust.

I have many weaknesses when it comes to reading. One of my weaknesses is I am a slow reader. One more weakness I have is it is hard for me to find books I am interested in. It is also hard for me to pay attention to a book because I can’t usually find one I like. I have some strengths when it comes to reading to one is it doesn’t bother me to read in front of people.

I have lots
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