Prisoner Reentry

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There are currently two million Americans who are incarcerated in our country’s prison system at this time. Each year there around roughly 650,000 released (Prisoner Reentry). These individuals are faced with many challenges when reintegrating themselves back into society. This is a very difficult time for them and often times things do not go as everyone planed. This time period is filled with disappointments, whether it be to the parole officers, their families or themselves. Leaving prison to reenter the world can cause a lot of confusion and emotions for the ex-offender. Being free leaves the responsibility up to them to make sure that they succeed in life and do not make the same mistakes twice. The first thing they need to do…show more content…
But the people that do not have that opportunity are offered little help in finding somewhere to live. Employment is also an issue faced. Many places do not want to hire someone that has been in prison before. Also, the level of education that the person has is a contributing factor to employers saying no to ex-prisoners. Often times background checks are initiated with the application process of a job and when someone tells them that they have been convicted of a crime the employer is a little more hesitant on hiring this person. But on the other end, only about 62 percent of potential employers would not consider hiring ex-inamtes, only 32 percent reported using background checks on a consistent basis. 38 percent of the potential employers would consider hiring ex-inmates (Police Operations). It is not uncommon to hear of inmates and ex-inmates having lots of health problems. It is said that many prisoners have severe mental disorders and chronic and infectious disease. Living in prison they are provided a health care facility but it doesn’t stop all the things they are exposed to. Often times it has been proven that when people get out of jail they will try to use their mental incapability to their advantage. Although some of them may have some mental issues I believe that they occasionally try to take advantage of it and get what they can from it. Many of the inmates and
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