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Perhaps the most influential revolutionary artist in Africa, Lucky Dube born Luckey Phillip Dube, was born in August 3rd 1964 in Ermelo a small town in Mpumalanga South Africa. He was named Luckey by his mother after several failed pregnancies. As a child, Dube worked as a Gardener and made little money to support his family. Realizing that, he decided to join school whereby he joined a choir. While at school he formed a music group which he named The Skyway Band. At age 18, he joined his cousin?s band, The Love Brothers, which played Zulu pop music Mbaqanga. Dube, then started to learn English, and at the same time got involved in singing and writing too. Their resultant album was released under the name Lucky Dube and the Supersoul.…show more content…
Then Lucky Dube comes in with a soft medium voice and starts with a low note commencing on with his lyrics. The instruments roll back in with on and off beats coming from the drums and guitars, after which they all gain momentum and the whole song flows. The low repetitive tune from the horn conveys a rather snooping feeling of sadness but its blues sound keeps it alive. Dube, born South African has adopted an afro-Caribbean style of reggae beats in the song. Dube talks about his life as a prisoner and how he refused going to school and later on sought life in crime, which ends him in prison. His involvement of the base guitar and drum kit, the simple chord progression is repeated through out the song and most importantly, his emotional lyrics about prison, education and freedom. Luckey Dube?s Prisoner song is put together in such a way that its meaning is well understood. The most outstanding feature that accomplishes this is its substance behind the character. Luckey has created a fiction scene about his life, withdrawing from school as a child, and then becoming a criminal as an adult and finally getting imprisoned. The quality and timeliness of this song was so significant at that time when black oppression was high in South Africa and the oppressed blacks would consider school as symbol of their oppressors. The song proves this wrong. He gives, the song a sense of sadness, love and

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