Prisoners Of War Essay

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Treatment of prisoners of war (POW) was bad in Vietnam, but almost just as bad when they got home. POWs were subjected to awful physical, and mental treatment of POWs in Vietnam. They were tortured in various, awful ways. Finally when they got home, to the United States they were treated horribly as well.
In the beginning of the Vietnam War the Vietnamese people stated that the American prisoners captured had committed war crimes against the north Vietnamese people, and did not get the rights of a regular prisoner, and those people were called Prisoners of War (POWs). Therefore they were treated even more unfairly than just a regular American Prisoner. That is also why the Vietnamese refused to provide the names of the prisoners being held, and did not allow visits from Red Cross to make sure the
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They were constantly being yelled at and put under pressure, and into tough situations. An example of this would be when the captors would make POWs salute to the Vietnamese flag, and if they refused they would be tortured. This was hard on the Americans because they did not want to salute and give signs of respect to their enemies because they felt like they were betraying the United States, but at the same time they did not want to be tortured. They were constantly having their morals tested. Some POWs who had been captive for the longest time ended up going insane. They were in a foreign country, with no connection to anything, and had no contact to their families. Meanwhile they had no idea what was going on in the US. We can not know for sure what each individual was feeling at the time I believe that they could not have felt safe or sane. Constantly having to be worried for their life. They had no one to trust or to be able to count on in the least. Their captors also brainwashed them in various ways, and left them with no hope of getting out of the prison camps, or even staying alive for much
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