Prisoners and Correctional Officers

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What would prisons be like without correctional officers? Imagine what life would be in prisons around a bunch of inmates, not having any protection from anyone, being around people who you know have killed, or have done other crimes. Correctional officers are not just helpful in prisons but also when transporting inmates from one place to another. With Correctional officers now in days they are a big help for our society. Without them we would not have any security when being in prison. Correctional officers are people just like us, they have families and other things just like anyone else would. It is a very risky job that many would never think of becoming an officers. Correctional officers are responsible for enforcing the law and…show more content…
The salary for a correctional officer is from 19,100 to 20,300 to even 55,000 a year depending how much you work or what range of position you are in the salary can vary. This job has its pros and cons, “some of the benefits we get are good, or example once I retire about the age of 65-67 depending on how many years I have worked I can get paid five times what I get paid now, and also get medical for life as well as of other benefits”(Zavala). As a correctional officer one is automatically in the CCPOA-union. (Our History) As always most jobs require at least a high school diploma, but to be a correctional officer there is much more needed. Going through physically and mentally training is also needed: Many states and correctional facilities prefer or require officers to have post-secondary training and psychology, criminology or related read of study. Some states require applicants to have one or two years of previous experience in corrections or related police work. Military experience or related work experience is also required by some state governments. On federal level, applicants should have at least two years of college or two years of military experience. (Unites States) Before being able to enter everyone has to go through what’s called a physical training, that’s when the future correctional officer has to show that they are capable to defend themselves. Since the beginning of the
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