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Prisoners of War

What has our society classified as a prisoner of war? A prisoner of war is someone who is a member of regular or irregular armed forces of a nation at war held by the enemy. After two years of war with the Middle East our society wonders what happens to the prisoners in jail. The other conflicts of prisoners of war is how they are treated in jail, also what did they do to be detained as a prisoner of war? In most situations, there is a legitimate reason why these people are taken captive. So many might ask what is happening to the Iraqis detained under Coalition forces custody, and do the prisons comply with standards set fourth in the Geneva Conventions? This subject is very controversial to the U.S and other
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These are the subjects that we will take a closer look at through research we have obtained and from first hand personal experiences received while being in the Middle East.

To look at Iraqi prisoner abuse, it is first necessary to review the reasons for which Iraqis are detained. Often many times Iraqis are taken into custody after an attack on coalition forces. Such was the case after a missile attack at a US base where eighteen
Iraqis were detained after the attack that Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz near escaped (Lekic A.1). After that point the detainees are taken to one of the Coalition’s eighteen prisons for interrogation and booking. Iraq’s outgoing human rights minister, Bakhtiar Amin stated that those that are held in the prisons are both “common-law criminals and terrorist” (“US and Iraq …”). Most of the people held in detention mostly fall under the terrorist category. In November 2004, Iraq’s total prison population was around 5,000, before the siege of Fallujah (“US and Iraq …”). The total population in April 2005 is around 17,000 detainees, which are held by both US and Iraqi forces (“US and Iraq …”). In seven months the total prison population in Iraq exceeded 300 percent. US Army Lieutenant Adam Rondeau contributes the increase in detainees to the
“ongoing operations” in preparation of the January 2005 elections (“US and Iraq …”).

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