Prisons : A Dangerous Place

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Prisons originated in the 16th and 17th centuries. They were first designed to punish people for doing criminal activities. Prisons were strict then than they are now most people were sentenced to death, regardless of what the crime was. During that time the inmates did not have as much freedom in prison that they have now. It was very tough being in prison during this time. In the United States today almost two million people are in prison, the expansion of the prison system began in the early 1980’s (Rhodes, 2001). Over the years prisons have become better because of having gone through some bad situations and inmates escaping prison is a very dangerous place and there has be a safe, organized structure to keep everybody in order. One of the biggest prison riots in history was the Attica riots in 1971. According to Christianson, (2002) prison inmates started rioting because of racism and they felt they were being mistreated. They took over half of the prison and held 42 staff members hostage, it was about 1000 inmates participating in this riot. At the end of the riots 10 hostages and 29 inmates were killed and the families were awarded $12 million. This is an example of a poorly handled situation that caused people their lives. Corrections Corrections are facilities that are used to rehabilitate people and to house people that commit crimes. The term correction is also known as jail or prison. These correctional facilities are important because when the prisoners
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