Prisons And Its Effect On Society

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Introduction Prisons are dependably a subject numerous individuals keep away from what it may look on the outside; prisons are usually seen as startling and dim from their physical attributes. Although for those who have committed a crime and are being held captive for their criminal offences, their lives are forever changing. The main goal of any federal prison is to ensure safety of the public, remove the menaces ones out of society, and to protect society. Prisoners have been changing their perspective on life, while living in a large imposed building with high brick walls and barb wire topped off with sharp razors. The main existence of prisons is to keep the menaces out of society. Uncompromising regulations and stern schedules are in placed to structure a prisoners ' life and change them. But some rules in placed in the past were seen as inhumane and wrong. Consistently, law implementations and powers have changed the purpose of prison. The purpose of prisons was to have the "wrongdoers" conceded discipline for the crimes they have committed. Numerous detainees amid the 18th century were traumatized as a result of corporal punishment and the consideration of execution; the consequences of recuperation were exceedingly unsuccessful. In the long run, it was understood that detainees were not being rehabilitated. Erving Goffman, a Canadian sociologist and writer, spent most of his life studying the lives of inmates and mental patients within an American institution.
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