Prisons And Its Effects On Society

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Abstract Prisons are vital in multiple ways because they contain some of the country’s most dangerous criminals. While prison put people at ease knowing that offenders are serving time for their crime. It also runs the risk of making an offender who is non-violent prior to incarceration extremely violent once their time has been served. In society not everyone can be the model citizen that we wish everyone was however there are individuals who commit heinous crimes and for that they must pay for their crime by serving time in prisons as well as county jails. When individuals commit crimes against other members of society they must pay the price which is punishment or confinement. There is multiple in-prisons as well as out-prison programs that allow and help inmates from committing crimes again. The main idea and goal is to have offenders be able to decipher what is right and wrong as well as being reintegrated back into society as a law abiding citizen. Another goal is to make it where offenders are not capable of committing the same type of crime once they have been released from prison. When a person commits a crime that is against state or federal laws, they are taken to jail where they must sit and wait for their court date. Both the defendant and the state or other individual plead their case to the judge and jury. If the jury finds the defendant guilty, then the judge imposes a sentence and where they will serve their time in prison. Many different factors…
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