Prisons And Prison Rights

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Prisoners deserve more rights than what they are subjected to. Yes they may be in prison but how would you feel if some of your basic rights were taken away. They are serving their time for what they did so why not allow them to have more rights? Allowing them to have more rights could be more beneficial than you think.
Allowing them to vote is just one of the rights that I think they deserve to have. Taking away a prisoner’s right to vote, is taking away human rights. Taking away the right to vote dehumanizes prisoners. A prisoner's rehabilitation as a safe, responsible and productive member of society must include the most basic right of the democratic process. The right to choose who governs us. If a president can pardon people from jail, then they should be able to vote for who could possibly pardon them. Yes people who are in prison are usually in their for over a year and you may not think not voting is not a big deal but what if they are only in prison for two years. It is unfair to restrict them from voting because when they get out of prison that president will still be in office. Voting builds stronger communities of people who are more likely to participate in the democratic process. Similarly, inmates who are able to vote will feel more connected and invested in their communities, when they are released. If they are not released at least they can vote for their family and what would be best for them. When you vote you are not just thinking about
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