Prisons Compare and Contrast

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Prisons Compare and Contrast

Prisons systems have changed after the first penitentiary was opened known as the Eastern Penitentiary. The theory of penitentiary was that by keeping criminals locked in their cell with not outside influences so that they can reflect on their past as well as become more religious is a way that the person will change their lives for the better and in return this would reform the person so upon release they were God fearing people that could function in society. These prisoners were locked in their cell 23 hours a day and had 30 minutes twice a day for yard time that was no just outside their cell. The inmates worked along in their cell, doing what they were told to do. They ate in their cell and only were
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As the years go by, the crimes get more sever and the prisons are trying to find ways to accommodate prisoners, as well as try to help them in being productive members of society upon their release. Prison systems have changed over time. They have found better way to punish criminals and have become more humane in doing so. But, as the times change so do the crime as well as the sentences to the crime. Correctional system went from having a penitentiary theme where they felt that people should be locked in cells with no outside contact and to work by themselves, to a prison system where they felt that people should be able to be out of their cell and have contact with other workers. By doing this they felt more work could be produced within a minimal time. Many thought that prisoners would sit around playing cards all day; many had jobs such as cleaning, laundry, and kitchen duties. One problem is that they were not forced to attend classes to better their education. It is more of holding place for them until there release date instead of a rehabilitation system. In conclusion, the prison systems have changed since the first one had been opened. The theory behind the prison systems was not only to keep criminals behind bars, but to rehabilitate them while incarcerated. It can be said that the prison system is much more than a physical institution; it was a concept

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