Prisons : Prisons And Prisons

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Jails and Prisons Comparison Paper Throughout history, the general public often misinterprets the difference between jails and prisons. For long confinement terms, jails are not used to hold sentenced offenders. However, jails are the oldest of the correctional components. According to Seiter (2011), jails were initiated prior to halfway houses, parole, probation, or prisons. Also, jails hold various offenders such as those being held administratively for a criminal justice agency, waiting to transfer to another facility, being detained a pending trial, and also arrested (Seiter, 2011, chap. 3). Serving a sentence of one or more years, prisons are institutions designed to house adult offenders. In criminal corrections and justice, prisons…show more content…
(Seiter, 2011, chap. 3). For English prisons and jails, four requirements were created from the Penitentiary Act: (1) a reformatory regime in which inmates were confined in solitary cells but worked in common rooms during the day, (2) abolition of fees charged to inmates, (3) systematic inspections, and (4) secure and sanitary structures (Seiter, 2011, p.73). According to the CJi Interactive Multimedia (2011), a jail is a city, county or regional confinement facility that has custodial authority over arrested adults. Generally, individuals who have been sentenced for less than one year are jailed convicted criminals. Other jailed detainees may be confined for non-punishment reasons: pending arraignment, contempt, or protective custody. Due to the inmates’ transient nature, minimal programs and services are provided. Also, available are community-based programs such as work release or home detention. Jailed detainees may consist of: first-time offenders needing security, sick individuals, recalcitrant journalists, hardened criminals, men and women, and juveniles (CJi Interactive Multimedia, 2011). History of State and Federal Prisons To effectively satisfy the correctional goals of incapacitation, deterrence, and punishment, a strengthened public attitude towards criminals has helped to sanction state and federal prisons over
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