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Prisons and Jails Unit #9 Final Project Introduction to Criminal Justice John McCauley 10-24-2011 Our correctional system is used to house criminals and keep them away from society. Our country is made up of close to 3 million prisoners and not enough prisons. With close to four thousand housing facilities there is little room to house the remaining. The United States alone spends nearly 1.6-billion dollars per year in prison accommodations and about fifteen thousand per prisoner. Different prisons do different things to house their inmates. Some punish inmates different, and some prisons comfort and help inmates. Prison is a way a life no one would want to live. The US correctional system can serve two specific functions…show more content…
Depending on the prison some give animals to connect and keep busy and comfort to the inmates such as cats, birds, or reptiles they can call their own. Prisons give inmates schooling, churches, and other in house career opportunities such as mechanics, barbers, and cooking these programs can only be given to the best inmates and trustworthy to handle equipment to perform their job in prison. These in house careers can be used and certified outside of prison when the inmate comes out to society. Prisons today try to rehabilitate more than punish their offenders and I personally think rehabilitation is better than punishment. My decision is because I think that rehabilitation has better outcomes of an inmate and better prepare them for society. Punishment only causes an inmate to be either irate or angry and have the worst come out of them. These programs help the inmate get along with other inmates and also the correctional officers and have a better reputation than a misbehaved prisoner. Prisons now a day try their best to rehabilitate more than punish. As you can see prisons have pros and cons to what they are used for. Prison is a bad place and its no where you would want to be in. Prison may be dangerous and a place where people can learn how to be a better person and learn more about the good in them. Source Internet- Books-

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