Privacy And Security Issues: Regional Health Information

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Privacy and security issues such as, the ability to exchange and transmit information in support of improved care delivery for individual patients and improved population health requires an extensive commitment to developing policies over a wide range of issues. Including but not limited to: Data use limitations, Data ownership, Governance, Liability, Anti-trust. Roles and responsibilities of individuals and organizations are being handled by the RHIO (Regional Health Information Organizations) is a term that is being used in many discussions of health IT and HIE. In thinking about the role of State and local policy makers in HIE development, "regional health information organization" implies that a fully formed unit exists with rules of engagement and a model for operation.…show more content…
They are responsible for the development and implementation of an organization’s privacy policies and procedures to protect patient information. The Chief Privacy Officer is a person that oversees activities related to the development, implementation, and maintenance of, and obedience to, organizational policies and procedures regarding the privacy of and access to patient-specific information and ensures compliance with federal, state, and accrediting body rules and regulations concerning the confidentiality and privacy of health-related
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