Privacy And Surveillance Technology Has Increased Within The Realm Of Web 2.0

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Privacy and surveillance is exponentially growing, as are the social mediums that extend its reach. Defined as a close monitoring system that targets the actions of an individual, surveillance and surveillance technology has increased within the realm of Web 2.0. Anonymity on the Web has succumbed due to the high increase of surveillance, as social networking sites such as, Facebook, facilitate in sustained monitoring of people engaged in everyday activities, whether it be in public or in private. Curating an “online identity” has become one way for privacy to be diminished and state surveillance to become amplified without the user even knowing. Privacy and surveillance further deepen the already existing power relations within Society. The Internet, as a mechanism, consolidates settled hegemonies within a capitalistic sphere. In this paper I will argue that, Facebook is exposing user’s content by capitalizing on private information shared for profit gain, how Facebook encourages “social capital” among users, which contributes to the diminution of privacy, and how Facebook amplifies state surveillance by selling user’s private information and content to the government.
The Internet, as a form of mass communication, has transformed the social experience users once were free to revel in. Facebook helps the user connect and share content with others. However, what it actually does is share the user’s generated content and private information to a massive array of advertisers.…

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