Privacy And The Public Eye

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Imagine a world where everyone’s privacy was honored, there would be absolutely no screenshots sent out regarding another person’s private information, no celebrity hacks or stealing their information for the latest magazine article, and no identity theft of any kind. Now think about how people could gain all of this freedom? We would have to stop letting ourselves fall victim to something much bigger than what we think and how badly things could go if some of our information ends up in the wrong hands. Nothing maintains its privacy once it is put on the internet, so users need to be mindful of what they reveal online; anyone can take the information and make it their own once it becomes open to the public eye. People are so quick to put personal information on the web that they do not stop to think about the potential consequences of their actions. Privacy concerns represent what individuals believe happens to their information once it becomes open to the public. People unknowingly open themselves up to being profiled online and get making online purchases, that they are getting their information and money stolen before they can even bat an eye. This does not happen in all cases, but it happens enough that we should be more careful of what we open ourselves up to. When studies have been conducted there are typically two tools used: concern for information privacy (CFIP) and Internet user’s information privacy concerns (IUIPC). The first tool that was created was CFIP.
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