Privacy Before And During The Job

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Privacy before and during the Job In today’s world, privacy is something that is hard to come by. Every second of ever day a person is generally being watched. This could include traditional eye contact spying, but it goes much deeper. A person’s social media can be stalked, a person could be caught performing a variety of actions on both security cameras and everyday cell phone cameras, keylogging software is out there that can track a person’s every keystroke, email and phone conversations can be tapped and much more. A person that is applying for a job must be careful and they must carry that carefulness into the workplace with them. Privacy is an important aspect of a person life, this paper will look at a person’s privacy rights during the hiring process, while they have the job, and the various court ruling that have been passed as a result of conflict in both areas. To start an examination of a person’s social media privacy will take place. Social media is extremely prevalent in today’s culture. Over 65% of adults who have access to the internet use at least one form of social media. Some examples of social media include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Google +, and LinkedIn. People use social media to talk about their lives, vent about frustrating problems, announce big life accomplishments, and much more. However, people need to be careful about what they disclose on social media especially if it is angrily venting about a
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