Privacy Is More Important Than Security

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Privacy versus Security Privacy is something that is valuable, and gives trust to both sides. Everyone is endowed with some degree of privacy, right? The debate of the topic privacy versus security has been going on for a while. Most people believe privacy is more important, giving people the chance to be relaxed without anyone watching them, literally or figuratively speaking. Governments believe that security is more important, claiming it will help with terrorism and lower the crime rate. If we allow this to happen, then as an example, the government could monitor our phones conversations, what websites we visit, the games or programs we download, even where we go throughout our day by tracking us on the GPS unit in our smartphones.…show more content…
Public schools in Demarest, New Jersey allow live camera feed from their schools to go directly to the police department, reportedly making students feel extremely uncomfortable. According to Mr. David Rapp, “When word got out that administrators at Seaholm and Groves high school were going to purchase cameras… A band of students protested, saying that it is costly and promoted an atmosphere of distrust…” (David). In other words, students felt that the school was using the budget for an unnecessary purchase to feel more “Secure” when security had not been an issue that required that type of response. Privacy is more important than security in schools because it allows students to feel trusted, builds a sense of responsibility, and promotes an enjoyable atmosphere. American Federal Agencies like the NSA (National Security Agency) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) have tried to mandate a back door or master-key to company products such as the iPhone, to monitor everyone that owns one of the products. Government organizations sometimes snoop a bit too much. When the FBI was holding a terrorist iPhone, they requested that apple makes a new operating system where the FBI had a backdoor to access the system at any time. Apple declined, stating that what the FBI was asking for would amount to a master-key designed to access any iPhone at any time. Someone
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