Privacy Is The Freedom From Interference

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Privacy and Technology Introduction Privacy is the freedom from interference. It is a state of being free from public attention, and being watched or disturbed by other individuals. Every individual deserves to have the right to privacy, but the question is to what extent and at what state is considered an invasion of privacy. Information privacy is the right to control over one’s personal information, how it is collected and used. Many believe that people have to relinquish their privacy for safety. Law enforcement officers, however, thinks that video surveillance does not identify or prevent crime. Several cities which had previously used the surveillance had to abandon them claiming that they are an unnecessary expense. Even the most powerful video cameras, for example, in the United Kingdom did not stop crime or enhance public safety (Strossen n.d). According to the Nation in the article Apple vs. the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation wants Apple to build a version of iOS with weak security. This will enable them to access the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook. Although the government is insisting that it will only utilize the tool once, this will affect the millions of Apple users. Apple is taking a stand because this not only compromises the privacy of their users, but it also presents vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. Furthermore, sophisticated criminals have other advanced avenues of securing their communication and data. Why is Privacy Vital Loss of
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