Privacy Is Truly Lost Its Value

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Privacy has truly lost its value. The advance of technology leaves nothing unturned. Electronic devices is the main source of violating privacy such as social media. Social media has made it easy to advertise our personal information for the world to see which may hinders our interaction with society. What we tend to forget is that our privacy and personal information should be valued and protected.
Society today always state claims to privacy or being private but turn right away and post everything on social media making privacy just a myth. Privacy preserves negative space around individuals who are already fully formed or mostly fully formed, affording shelter from the pressures of societal and technological change (Cohen, 2013). There is no way around the fact that we use technology daily, but we should take in consideration how we should guard ourselves from the consequences of sharing with the world everything little detail that goes on in our lives. It amazes me how most people don’t think that posting their every move or what their eating or drinking or even where there going shopping will not get the attention of something or someone negative.
Besides social networking, online shopping has become a crime spree for hackers. There are certain boundaries when it comes to the protection of your privacy and the harm it can cause. Calo has broken down the characteristics into two categories, subjective and objective. The subjective category describes the unwanted
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