Privacy Issues, Child Safety And Hate Speeches

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Introduction There are many changes has been made during the service time of Facebook, it impacts a lot of users. Criticisms made wide range of view on its privacy issues, child safety and hate speeches. In this essay, we are going to talk about the privacy issues that people concern about on Facebook and how it impact people after certain changes have been made by Facebook. What is Facebook? Facebook is an online social networking service. Users have to register to use the website, after that Facebook provides a bunch of features such as setting up their own personal profile, adding other users as friends, exchanging messages, and receiving notifications automatically once their friends update their personal profile. In additional, users also can participate different user groups with common interests, usually they are organized by user 's workplace, schools, or other individuals. What 's more, users can also put their friends into different categories,such as "Close Friends", "Family Member", etc. Privacy on Facebook Despite Facebook keep saying they always protect users privacy. However, few functions they have changed during the past few years make people hard to believe Facebook can actually capable of protect their privacy. It become quite obvious that compare to its own business profit, privacy is not such a big deal for Facebook to make some change which brings more fame and benefit to itself. Many privacy advocator start to call the regulators to interfere

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