Privacy Issues Of Data Mining And Data Publishing

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Privacy Issues in Data mining and Data Publishing: With the buzz around many big data applications, privacy concerns regarding their uses have also grown. With the personal data has been mined and published every day, the battle to reclaim the privacy starts vigorously. E-commerce websites harvests information about all the online searches of customers. Social Media exposes the likes and preferences of people, their photos and all their daily activities. Video surveillance monitors the movement of people. The data gets published from health care, censes and other government agencies. With such potential of harvesting, mining and publishing data, the risks of using big data is more than anything [29]. As the privacy concerns are increasing drastically, privacy preserving techniques is an option that can be employed in both data mining and data publishing. The principle of this technique is to design techniques for effective data mining and data publishing without compromising privacy. Data Mining : Data mining is a very important component in today’s big data [22, 23]. Data mining is essential for everyone from large businesses to government organizations. It helps to identify trends, patterns and make predictions by exploring, comparing, researching and analyzing data. Various uses of data mining performed in government and private organizations are [10-Page2]: 1. Analysis in science and engineering. 2. Improve intelligence and detecting terrorist activities 3.
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