Privacy Issues : Privacy And Privacy Essay

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Privacy Privacy has been a thing for consideration ever since the early days and has even become more worrisome recently with the evolvement of information technology. Individuals around the world value their privacy and the protection of their personal information. Having a knowledge of who is accessing their information and what it is being used for. But with the recent and rapid evolvement of IT, information privacy is being threatened and individuals no longer possess the control over who has access to their information or what their information is being used for. Taherdoost et al. defined privacy as the claim of individuals to determine for themselves when to, to whom, and to what extent individually identified data about them is communicated or used (2013, p. 147). Taherdoost et al. further went on to discuss that privacy invasions are usually not that dramatic or noticeable as it creeps up on us and might take a while before realizing that your information is being collected and used for different purposes you have no idea about.
Privacy issues. Privacy can be considered a part of ethics as both usually go hand-in-hand. IT professionals are usually privileged with administrative rights which gives them the ability to access employee’s information. An IT professional with administrative rights is said to be ethical if he/she does not misuse their rights by prying into people’s private information or for using them for fraudulent purposes. It is therefore imperative

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