Privacy Issues in Social Networking

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Acknowledgement I would Like to Thank My Lecturer Ms. Roshini Gunawardana as well as ICTA and Who Reply my Questions in to Finish This Research. Sincerely, Sirojan Gnanaretnam Student Table of Contents Topic Page Number Introduction 2 Ethical Issues 2-3 Legal Issues 3-7 Social Issues 7-8 Professional Issues 8-9 Recommendation 9-10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction Privacy Issus in social networking sites have become a controversial and much publicised topic since the creation and increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Linkdin, Twitter and the currently most used social…show more content…
My friend also Do Like this. He Accidently Delete Him Account, but He Had chance to Reactivate that Account. Also Data Mining Come Under Legal Issue. Data Protection Act,1998 Principle said, Processed in accordance with the rights data Subjects, including the rights to:- 1.Be informed when data is first processed or disclosed to a 3rd Party. 2.Prevent Processing for Direct Marketing And also 8th principle said Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area unless there is adequate protection for the rights and freedoms of the data subjects. So, Data Mining is Totally Against This law, therefore Data Mining Is Illegal. Face tagging and Photo recognition Facebook Introduced an new feature in June 2011,this feature called as "Tag Suggestions". Facebook saying users can disable it. European Union data-protection Commissions said they would Like to investigate the feature to see if it violated Data Protection privacy rules[4]. especially since the feature was automatically activated on Facebook users' accounts without giving them any notification. so Data Protection Act Said Legal Obligation to notify personal data that is held on information Systems. therefore, this feature is Currently Have some Privacy Problems. Photo recognition and face tagging feature is Illegal. But if We Analyze using Consequences theory this Feature is Great. Every day,
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