Privacy - It's Time to Control the Use of Electronic Surveillance

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It's Time to Control the Use of Electronic Surveillance How would you feel if every move you make, every word you say, every number you dial on the telephone, could easily be accessed or monitored by just about anyone in the world? Well, chances are that you and me and many others are currently, or have been, victims of this infringement on privacy. With today's ever growing technology, there is little one can do to ensure privacy in normal, every day life. Even though many benefits have come with this increased technology, the inherent loss of privacy scares many. In most cases, the use of such technology is taken too far, and if continued use of these technologies is to be permitted, then the law has some serious…show more content…
In Lyon 656). "Have computerized information systems effectively transformed Bentham's panoptic principle from a strategy which is only feasible in village-scale settings to a routine means of mass surveillance by modern states?" (qtd. in Lyon 654). Many argue that this is the case. Technology today permits the "observer" to keep track of just about everything that one does in every day life, leaving no place to hide from the cameras. Many compare this to the Panopticon and oppose it fiercely. Electronic surveillance has virtually no limitations today. All over the country and the world, cameras are being installed nearly everywhere. In Honolulu, cameras are installed along Kalakaua avenue "to help catch petty thieves and prevent prostitution" (Salkever 1). In big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago there are hundreds of seen and unseen cameras everywhere, from street corners, to retail stores, to libraries. Businesses use them to monitor their employees and track merchandise leaving the store. Many believe that this is beneficial to the citizens because these state of the art cameras could for instance "pick up the noise of a brawl and automatically track and zoom in on people fleeing from it. In Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, face recognition software will soon be used to record the identity of people parking at the airport in order

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