Privacy Law Of The American Workplace

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In this article Evans summarized privacy law in the American workplace, and also scholar Mathew Finkin painted a dramatic picture of the surveillance under which many many American employee work. Moreover, Finkin mentioned in this article that 34% of American employee are monitored continuously with regard to their email and internet usage privacy. In addition, He also pointed that The problem of employee privacy and productivity becomes more significant as the boundaries between formal and informal places of work blur. Employee monitoring can also be conducted in other ways that were not possible until very recently. For example, some cellular telephones have built in global positioning systems that enable employers to track the…show more content…
. . It is actually open up to any records system that can actually publish to it. " I liked this source because there are more facts about how surveillance is used among society, and how companies and governments are benefited this surveillance and the purpose of using surveillance. It is very important to me to use this source for my research because I want to compare how companies and government protected their data and restrict form their employee and the how employee see this surveillance at work, and how it affected their privacy rights. To me this source is useful for my research and I 'll get more facts relating to my research paper. Not only that, but how police keep track the people, and find them wherever people go or move to other states. Rowley is well illustrated the development of surveillance technology in the U.S. Uses of the technology; Assimilation of the data of surveillance technologies to provide comprehensive picture of individuals; Role of the government in privacy protection Rowley also said that government use surveillance technology for law enforcement while business use it to monitor employees for theft, prevent workplace harassment and stop inappropriate computer use. He also pointed out that surveillance technology is used to assimilate data to
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