Privacy Legislation Of The Kingdom Of Thailand

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f) Any legal considerations: Privacy legislation: In Vietnam, the right to privacy is guaranteed under the Constitution 1992, as amended in 2001 ("Constitution"). Article 71 of the Constitution provides that "citizens have the right to physical inviolability". Article 73 of the Constitution further states: Citizens have the right to be inviolable in their places of residence. No one is allowed to enter into another person 's home without the latter 's consent, unless otherwise authorized by law. The confidentiality and safety of citizens ' correspondence, telephone and telegraph communications are guaranteed. Only authorized persons have the right to conduct residence searches, to open, check and hold citizens ' correspondence and telegraph communications [and then only] as regulated by law. Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand Thailand constitution enacted in 1997 has defined principle to protect privacy of people and at the same time has define principle to protect people right to know. The principles are: - A person can invoke human dignity or exercise his or her rights and liberties in so far as it is not in violation of rights and liberties of other persons or contrary to this Constitution or good morals. - A person, whose rights and liberties recognized by this Constitution are violated, can invoke the provisions of this Constitution to bring a lawsuit or to defend himself or herself in the court. - A person family right, dignity, reputation or the right of
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