Privacy Or No Privacy Analysis

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Privacy or no privacy in the work place? Ms. Nancy Flynn is the founder and executive directive of the Theepollicy Institute, a training and consulting firm that helps employers limit email and internet risk. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Flynn’s complains that management has the right and responsibility to observer how employees are using social media on and off work hours. Ms. Flynn Advocates it is all too easy for employees to use social media to bring unwanted attention to whatever company hired them. She believes that emails, social networking can lead to dangerous work conditions and it’s not as harmless as other might think. Ms. Flynn points out cases to do with hospital employees…show more content…
Sure the internet is a great wat to express our self, but other may misconstrue they see on our social media sites. I sympathize with Mr. Lewis, because employers shouldn’t have the right checkup or screen employee’s social media, which that would be their personal life. An employees shouldn’t not be judged on the lifestyle they life after workhours. Depending on what kind of job you have or trying to acquire yes it may be required but you will be notified. The American is being so political correct, that is hard to be our self if you have differences views from the majority of the any group of people. In my opinion there should be laws dealing with cases when employees get fried do to something they posted in social media. Billy Graham agrees when she writes, Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.” Basically, Billy Graham is saying losing your privacy is one of the worst things you can lose, it’s a pieces of yourself that you can free with no judgment. Many people me may disagree with me, but I stay with my opinion. Ms. Flynn clam that employers have the right to monitor their employees anything they see fit, rests upon the questionable assumption that would it be morally right. by doing all this would create a hostile work environment, I do not agrees on employers having so a say on what can and not say on social media. Being an American you have freedom speech that being said I truly believe that is a violation of my civil right and nobody should be about to dictate what can you say or not
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