Privacy Policy : An Internet Property Of Educhinalink Co.

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Privacy Statement 19 Introduction (“Website”) is an internet property of EduChinaLink Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (“SICAS,” ”we,” “our,” or “us”). This privacy policy is given on behalf of SICAS. We are providing this Privacy Policy to you so that you can learn about our information collection and sharing practices. SICAS put the security of our users ' personally identifiable information high on our priority list. This Privacy Policy applies to personally identifiable information collected by Qingdao EduChinaLink Co., Ltd on its Web site at We also outsource information to colleges, universities, nonprofits, and other organizations (hereinafter in this policy as our "clients"). When our clients collect information about you through the use of our websites or services, their use and reveal of that information is governed by their relative policies or practices. This Privacy Policy will tell you the following: 1. What information we collect/use/disclose about you. 2. The sharing of the information we collect/track. 3. Our policy on correcting and updating information you have provided to us. 4. Our policy on your right to withdraw some of our information sharing practices. Information Collection, Use and Disclosure When you look at this web site, our server makes a record of your visit and logs the following information: 1. the user 's IP address; 2. the type of browser used. 3. the date and time of visit to the site; 4. the user 's top

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