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Privacy advocates warn that many websites try to collect personal information from online users, but few guarantees how that data will be used. They say the federal government should establish standards to protect privacy online. But Internet businesses and others contend that they can safeguard users ' privacy without resorting to government interference. Law-enforcement agencies, meanwhile, favor government limitations on the use of sophisticated encryption technology, which makes online communications secure - even from the police. They fear that strong encryption software will help criminals in hiding their activities. But privacy advocates argue that encryption technology assures companies and consumers that their online communications are not being tampered with. . In one of the interview by By Biance Bosker, Mark Zuckerberg said “Facebook isn 't violating your privacy -- Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are.” The Internet has become not only a primary means of communication, but a place where millions of Americans store important personal data, from credit-card numbers and bank account information to family photos and histories of their online purchases. But that data does not have the same legal protection as data that Americans store in their homes. What 's more, powerful new technologies are creating unexpected challenges to privacy online. Advertisers, for example, can now track the Web sites you visit, and actions you take on those sites, to analyze how to more

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