Privacy Rights And The Privacy

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How different countries and organizations are approaching privacy issues along with my predictions how it will unfold the future

There is a concern about many users privacy worldwide. Technology is constantly upgrading and internet is being used daily worldwide. Laws are constantly changing and there are many concerns about this. In this essay, I will be talking about why
Companies are collecting data, laws regarding privacy policies and I will give prediction on how privacy issues will unfold in the future.

What can be done Today

Technology is constantly upgrading everyday and it creates unique challenges for individuals privacy rights while there are regulators looking to preserve both privacy rights and technological innovation. For awhile now society has been struggling on how to balance privacy rights and emerging technologies. For example, early as 1890, Newspapers and Photographs were on the rise and legal scholars called for added privacy protections, including enshrining those rights in criminal law. As people have a right to protect their privacy, it is still a struggle while promoting innovation in this fast increasing technology world we live in today.

Today, we can send information all over the world instantly; however movement and activities can be tracked through computers and cell phones. With new and improved technology, it can improve lives, increase public safety, build wealth and promote efficiencies in how we use scarce resources. Researchers,
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