Privacy, Time Orientation, And Gender Roles

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While reading chapter 4 of our textbook, I found a few subjects that interest me greatly. I found the topic of privacy, time orientation, and gender roles interesting. I believe I found privacy and time orientation to be interesting because it’s not typical subjects. The topic of gender roles has always interested me because women are treated differently in every culture. The vast reasons for the treatment of women in cultures also interest me because they all differ within cultures.
The topic of privacy interests me because everyone perceives privacy differently. Growing up, I had a lot spatial privacy, and I didn’t realize this until it was pointed out by a friend of a different culture. The door to my room was always shut and I didn’t know that this was considered privacy. When my friend came to visit, she informed me that she didn’t have a door to her room. The fact that she didn’t have a door to her room was absurd to me. I would have never thought that some children didn’t’ have a door or weren’t allowed to close their door. I also had a lot of physical privacy growing up. My parents would never hug or kiss me if I didn’t want them to. I didn’t realize this was considered a type of privacy until reading chapter 4 in the text. After reading the text, I now understand why some cultures show more affection towards their children than others. I always thought that parents who didn’t hug and kiss their children simply didn’t love them, but I learned that they could be
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