Privacy, What Is It?

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Privacy, what is it? “users don’t fully understand the scope of the data that is being collected on them — or how small amounts of data can be used to create a much more detailed portrait when matched with information from third-party sites that collect and share various types of customer information with each other” (Smith 2014). What do you think when you put your personal information into a website? Will it be sold to others or will it send you scams? Privacy is the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. According to consumer reports, “13 million users said they had not set or did not know about Facebook 's privacy settings and 28% shared all or nearly all of their posts publicly”. This shows that we are not very careful when it comes to reading our privacy settings in social networks. When you think of social-networking most people think of Facebook, Instagram, twitter or even Myspace. Today, in society, technology is being made each day. It is bringing our level of life easier or maybe even harder. This progression of technology helps hackers even more to get our information. According to the privacy rights clearinghouse, “What do your long lost childhood best friend, your college roommate, your boss and your significant other all have in common? If you are one of the hundreds of millions of people using social networks, there’s a good chance that you are linked to them through an online relationship. The information you
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