Privacy and Computer Technology

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Privacy and Computer Technology Today, the development of technology is spread all over the world and so are ethical issues. Because of the widespread, computer ethics are boiling down distinguishing what is good from what is wrong mentality. Everyone's view on computer ethics differ, however all should keep in mind the value of ethics when making decisions that are ethics based. The golden rules of computer ethics state that, one should do to one another what he/she thinks should be done to them and if at least quite a number of people obey the golden rule, then there would be no many issues concerning computer ethics as they are today. The computer ethics that surround us presently brought by software, and social networking sites have plagued the cyber world for many years. Software Issues Nowadays, most people in the organization are overlooking ethical use of software. By an organization purchasing any kind of software does not give privileges that they own the software, and therefore can use it anyhow. Organization should put in mind that they never own any software, but what they actually have is the license for using the software purchased. It is therefore a requisite for every organizations and small companies to accept the terms as well as the conditions that apply upon using software. Accepting the copyright terms guarantees people never to use the purchased software for anything else other than what is intended to be used for, hence no copies should be made
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