Privacy and The Internet: Life of Others

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As the explosion of internet social media based companies has grown the issue of privacy has been at the forefront of many people’s mind. Privately held information can easily become available to people and be negatively used due to the digital age we are in today. Two of the leading companies in social media are Google and Facebook. This case study analysis explores both Google and Facebook’s privacy policies and issue that has stemmed from it. Google and Facebook recently have taken a lot of backlash from people and governments regarding the way they handle the information they have gathered from the consumers that use their products. Facebook in 2009 was in a dispute with the Canadian government over the use of the data collected…show more content…
On the other hand the importance of regulating privacy is necessary and vital to the growth and stability of our country and around the world. Reports have come out that Visa and MasterCard payment details may have been exposed at a large processor. (JESSICA & SCHWARTZ) Visa and MasterCard are investigating whether a data security breach at one of the main companies that processes transactions improperly exposed private customer information, bank officials said Friday. The event highlighted a crucial vulnerability that could affect millions of credit card holders. The breach occurred at Global Payments, an Atlanta company that helps Visa and MasterCard process transactions for merchants. One bank executive estimated that about one million to three million accounts could be affected. That does not mean that all those cards were used fraudulently, but that credit card information on the cardholders was exposed. Even if this may not be an internet privacy policy related issue this is another issue that is affecting the consumer’s these days. Every payment that is made on a card can be tracked and be used for marketing certain products back to the consumers. I work for a company that is an industry leader in consumer based payment processing. The importance of both ethically sound decision making and prevention from breaches are necessary to protect the consumer’s information.

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