Essay on Privacy in Cyberspace

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Privacy in Cyberspace

Computers and the Internet have changed many things in the world today. People surf the web on a daily bases for information and entertainment. The Internet is making things like paying your bills from home a possibility. This was something that you had to leave the house to do, even if it was just dropping a check in the mail. Now you can pay your bills and buy your groceries, with every thing being just a point and a click away. Other things that can be done on the Internet is E-mail and stock trading. The police and the FBI have even used the Internet to capture and convict criminals. All this new technology is coming at us so fast and from so many places. Such as television, magazines and news papers,
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This would happen once or twice a day, where the browser would give him a huge amount of data. Now Mr.Smith is not a hacker, and is working with the browser to fix the problem.

Many people have heard of a hacker but what are the really. A hacker by definition is a person who tries to break into a computer to steal or corrupt its data. A computer hacker can cause many problems to a system. Yet just about everything has been hacked into, right down to the federal government.

Now imagine you just bought something online with your credit card now this personal number is out there for someone to see, and possibility use. So how do people protect them selves and their business form having their mail and accounts read. Some of the easier ways is by installing passwords and using anonymous remailers. One of the biggest things right now is to send things encrypted. Encryption is where a program turns readable data into unreadable characters, and the person who you sent it to can unscramble it with the password or a key. Encryption has caused some concern with the government. The FBI would like to have a what is called a Abackdoor@ to allow police and other law officials to read encrypted messages. Right now there is a bill in congress and the senate that would make all the soft ware sold in the US to have this backdoor. If the bill would pass it would mean that the police or FBI could access your files without you even knowing it. The FBI already
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