Privacy in the 21st Century

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Privacy in the 21st Century Eng 122 Mrs. Samaniego 10 June, 2013 In today’s society cameras are watching every step you take and every move you make. How do you feel about that? Someone is watching you, whether it is the surveillance cameras at a gas station or it’s the security guard in a shopping mall. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? You post something on Facebook and decide to delete it 5 minutes later, but did you know that it will always be on the…show more content…
One is able to see exactly what your house looks like and any other object that was in the area when the picture was taken. It shows exactly where you are located and the surroundings. The aforementioned applications are just a few examples of how applications do not ensure the complete privacy of one’s information. (Sylvia, Bob, 2013) People today are learning that identity theft, financial theft, and other scams are becoming more common than ever before. It is an issue that has become uncontrollable. We as humans have to make smarter and wiser choices on how we use all of the new technology. It is easy to access someone’s information using little effort. Hidden cameras are not the only tools used to invade someone’s privacy. These tools come as simple as a hidden microphone as well. Secret hackers also use wiretapping. It may be illegal but hackers stop at nothing to gain access to the information that they are seeking. There are also satellite trackers but they are the least common because they are more noticeable. Some people show little concern to the possibility that their privacy may be invaded. Some may say, “Well, why worry if you have nothing to hide?” Yes, that may be true but if someone went through your bank account you wouldn’t be too happy. You’re not hiding anything in your bank account except for your money. Hacking into your bank account is an invasion of privacy just as much as hacking into a Facebook account. There are some ways
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