Privacy of Digitized Personal Information Essay example

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Privacy of Digitized Personal Information Privacy of personal information is a fundamental right of any person. No one wants his/her private details to be known to other people, especially ones who they are not familiar with. However, human society is based on cooperation between people. Society simply cannot function without this vital interaction between two human beings. No one is that capable or skillful enough to fulfill his/her daily requirements alone. The very fabric of society exists because a person has to depend on other people to get things done. Whenever one person talks to another, he/she unknowingly reveals a certain amount of personal information such as physical features, personality, character, etc. It is…show more content…
Unfortunately, the Internet is also the main medium of violation of people's privacy. In North America alone, 216 million users use the Internet. The Internet is the ultimate communication network. On the flip side, it is also the most controversial and debated topic all over the world today. Identifying contemporary privacy issues Internet Search Engines: Search engines such as Google are the most popular search engines utilized by Internet users. The topic to be deliberated on is that just because I place some personal information on my website, should everyone in the whole wide world be allowed to see it? The search engines use advanced searching algorithms to retrieve all possible relevant information based on just a few keywords entered as the search parameters. They are capable of displaying phone numbers, residential addresses, Email ids and even pictures of a person just by entering his/her name. Isn't this considered, to a certain extent, a violation of privacy? Does this mean that I should not place any personal information on the Internet? And what is stopping miscreants from misusing this information, for example, for identity theft or stalking? The only solution is to protect this information by firewalls, encryption or by password protected access. Financial and Credit information: A credit report is the de facto standard of evaluating a person's standing in society and is used by all financial institutions. Banks,
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