Essay about Privacy of Personal Information on the Internet

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Privacy of Personal Information on the Internet


What is privacy? According to Webster’s Dictionary the following is the definition of privacy [6]:
“Secrecy; or one’s private life or personal affairs”.

A Person has information that he does not want to share or does want to share to with everyone. This is a right of an individual and the violation of this right is called invasion of privacy. The concept of privacy converts to the notion of information in the world of internet. Information in this case might constitute to email address, credit card number, social security number etc.

There are two ways in which personal information can be invaded:

1. Misused: Each person gives out information such as
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a. Users should make sure to buy products from reputed web-sites usually companies which have their own retail stores. These websites are usually more accountable and reliable. Also they have a physical address to contact for if any problems occur.

b. Make sure to read the websites privacy policy. Every website has this policy and user should be aware what information will not be shared be shared with other companies.

c. Give the information only necessary for the transaction. Many optional fields, which usually only help in profiling the user which should be left blank.

C. Email and Communication

a. Users should make sure they understand the privacy policy of the email provider they use. Email policy varies from provider to provider. An example is the new popular GMAIL from Google. Google has stated that it will perform searches on the email content to profile users.

b. Make sure the recipient of the email is a trusted person and will not forward your personal information to strangers.

c. Make sure the Email application is password protected. This is especially useful when the computer is shared between lots of users.

d. Using spam filters can help prevent unwanted and dangerous email from reaching the
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