Private And Public Middle Managers

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In the corporate world, both private and public middle managers are the most critical assets to any organization. As managers and leaders of an organization, they are expected to be strong and assertive to act decisively with strong decision-making skills. Management are expected to demonstrate the appropriate skills needed to be effective and successful within the organization. Base on the research of this study, Bolman. & Deal, existing study of the four frame models will aid in the understanding of organizations leadership as it associated with structural; human resource; political; and symbolic. The researcher has developed a literature review which will outline the framework about organizations and their initiatives they follow. Farnsworth, Peterson, Neill, K. Neill, (Tony) Seikel, John & Lawson, (2015 argued that endeavors usually fail because decision makers do not understand their environments well enough to anticipate the consequences of their actions. Bolman, & Deal, stated that in their research managers whose strategies are limited in one or two cognitive lenses to facilitate inter-professional and eventual collaborative care, changes are needed in their attitudes, in the system and in organizational operations.
The purpose of the study
This purpose of the study will examine and discuss organizational structure as it relates to leadership and the issues organizations face. The study also identified correlations that exist between these four frames and
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