Private Banking And Wealth Management

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• Private Banking HSBC achieved a huge success in this field through comprehensive wealth planning solutions. Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management survey awarded the bank internationally as the best Private Banking Company over the globe. Client’s personal affairs have assessed and managed by wealth planners who are the specialists. • Capital During the financial crisis of 2007-2010 HSBC demonstrated strong capital structure which assist in surviving the bankruptcy. It was benefited from dividend take-up in that period and from actions regulating risk-weighted assets. According to HSBC Interim Report, at 30 June 2015, common equity tier 1 ratio stood at 11.6% compared with 11.1% at the beginning of the year and 11.3% a year ago.…show more content…
For example, along with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, HSBC decided to invest in green technology on a massive scale. As investment increases, this will also strengthen renminbi as a global currency, an area where HSBC is the best international bank. WEAKNESSES • Money Laundering In July 2012, HSBC was investigated and interrogated by the U.S. senate permanent committee due to several inadequacies in its anti-laundering practices. The bank participated in the money transfer by drug dealers from its Mexican Subsidiary to its US subsidiary, comprising around 7 billion dollars. It was the damage to a reputation of the bank. As a result, HSBC decided to monitor its public policy and regulatory system for restoring the trust of clients. • Brand Name While it is certainly a well-known banking company in the world, HSBC was late to accomplish a clear marketing strategy and making a unified brand. Because he has a number of different branches in the different countries, which created them with different names. Although HSBC made a unified brand in 1998, but the history of bank’s name changes may have reduced brand awareness. For example, a simple online search for the World Bank in different countries fails to shown in the first two pages. Customers may have felt that HSBC was in charge of the local bank and did not realize that HSBC had already served for decades. • Technical Mangament After the newspaper report,
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