Private Investigator: Julia Larson's Detection

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During the spring of 1995, a woman who carries herself as a person of perfection, in every way possible, just moved into our neighborhood. Julia Larson at first appeared to be like Santa’s Wife but as time passes, the illusion of Mrs. Claus quickly morphed into the persona of the Cheshire cat from “Alice in Wonderland”. The women of the neighborhood sneer, while turning their noses up in her presence,once they became aquatinted with Julia. On the other hand, the men ogled Julia as they admire her silhouette, while she wiggles and jiggles in the presence of their significant others. Residents of the Westside neighborhood in Lima, Ohio quickly took on the roles of Private Investigators once they discovered, the stories she has told them,…show more content…
Lansing’s house a year earlier. They used to live in a beige house with burgundy trimming, on the left-hand corner of Elm and Garfield. There was somber news that occurred in October of 2013, we found out that he has Lung Cancer but it was on the edge of stage one and going into stage two. Mr. Larson was the almost like uncle to me and always has been kind enough to invite my brother and me over to allow us to play video games, play cards and he did not mind watching us for a few hours until my mother finished fixing dinner. My parents considered him as a very close family friend. Whenever Julia came over for a visit during that time, she would sit down gracefully into the wooden chair before us, while chatting with us over a cup of hot chocolate. She explains that Carter, her husband, would frequently bellow over throwing up constantly and sometimes it would be tinged with blood and then pass out for a couple hours, “I ask his to take his medicine but he will not do it and say he does not need the medicine.” She says in her very concerned tone but her body language read differently, her facial expression and her eye read that she is calm and as if she really has nothing to worry about. Wow, this woman does not even care about her husband, what gives? Julia kept the same story going that he refuses to take his medicine and all, as a result that his cancer has reached stage four by April 2014 and he looks so grim, gravely and very lethargic. His face has sunken in, you can nearly see his bones and he looks like Skeletor from He-Man and he could barely move without assistance and his walker. A couple weeks before he passed away, Julia took him with her to North Carolina, visit another man’s family. The man I speak of is called Eugene, and he just lives off of other women’s money, he cannot keep a job or care to have one. What I heard from other visitors of her house is that while
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