Private Law Firm – Pearson Specter

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PRIVATE LAW FIRM – PEARSON SPECTER Pearson Specter is a fictitious law firm in New York City (Picked from Suites-TV series). REASON: After watching the TV series ‘Suits’, we felt that we could relate to the organizational designs. Also, practically, we are currently studying the main topics such as culture, ethics, motivation, impact of organization hierarchy, leadership. We can clearly see the human emotions and the internal hierarchy in the series. These emotions and practical demonstrations of work culture and ethics will help us learn better about the building blocks of a successfully running organization. We can analyze the facts and we already have some suggestions for the operation of the firm. Hence, we think this would be a…show more content…
Once asked, Louis leaves everything and helps Harvey win the case. * Competency is the key to survive. * Paralegals and assistants are always ready to help. * Not everything essential is shared among the senior partners. E.g. Harvey did not tell Jessica the truth about Mike. She finds it out from an outside source and felt betrayed. * If Harvey/Louis think an associate did something wrong, they won’t listen to them. They should be friendlier. * Jessica doesn’t get involved with the associates at all except for the mock trials. ETHICS There is no organization and its people which has escaped the ethical dilemma. Same happened in the fictitious law firm – Pearson Specter. * Harvey Specter – the managing partner and backbone of the firm, had a gigantic responsibility on his shoulders to hire a highly competent law Harvard graduate and a mirror image of his own. During the interview process, he incidentally met Mike - highly competent and the reflection of his own. But the turning point was that Mike was not Harvard graduate nor was he Graduate. This led to a huge dilemma of recruiting Mike or not and also created an interminable circle of dilemma for other members of the organization. * Jessica Pearson had a dilemma whether to report the hiring of Mike to Law Bar and jeopardize Harvey and Mike’s future or And if she doesn’t report it to Law Bar and chances are that Law Bar comes to know about this and in that
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