Private Memoirs And Confession Of A Justified Sinner

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A tragedy story portrays a noble hero and the heroine downfall through use of fate, the will of gods and hubris. The book “Private Memoirs and Confession of a Justified Sinner” is a tragedy because the book narrates a story about Wringham who had involved himself in crimes. At first, evil triumphs over good as Wringham had been filled with self-righteousness and hatred and these attitudes made him to believe that any crime was right according to his religion including murder. The story is full of crimes like murder, horror, religious fanaticism, fantasy and folklore (Hogg & Carrey 50). The publisher of the story was popular due to his magazine articles and poetry and he was also self-educated thus he published the book with the idea that the information in the book is strange. This idea was as a result of horrific theme matter and experimental style which he used in the book and he knew the general public would not appreciate his book. A French writer Gide in 1940s argued that the book was a masterpiece. The story has three categories to enable readers to understand the different ways in which the book exist like folklore and local tradition. The first category summarizes all events which Wringham did to make readers understand why Wringham opted for confession. The second category narrates of the shocking confession process of Wringham who was obsessed with crime for a long period. The third section talks of finding of how Wringham confessed and revelation of his characters
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