Private Or Public School?

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Private or Public School?
Adrianna N. Pillow
Professor SooHoo-Hui
February 15, 2015
California Baptist University


In today’s society, receiving a good education has become of the utter most importance. The real choice that is being faced now is what type of schooling program kids should be sent to. Should it be private school, with smaller class sizes or public school, where the massive attendance count tends to make kids learning last on the lists of priorities? The obvious choice should be where the kids have better opportunity to thrive, and this would be at private schools. Since there is not an over whelming amount of kids in attendance there is not only greater opportunity to learn, but the children are what comes
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The issue of where to send one’s child for schooling has recently become a growing problem in not only America, but around the globe. Why should parents send their children to a school they must pay extra for, when there are schools funded by the government and their taxes? Part of the answer to this question can be found inside of the question: public schools are state funded. This means that schools will be littered with thousands of other students, and not allow for enough focus on actually teaching the kids (West & Woessmann 2008). The reasoning behind this ties into the issue of over population in schools that are unable to accommodate the growing number of college-bound individuals. The high influx of students causes the student to teacher ratio to skyrocket through the roof (Chen 2011). It is shown that “proper student to teacher ratio count is about 12:1,” however, in most public schools Chen (2011) states that the more common ratio averages to about 45:1. A rising query of educators is what true problem is there with having a higher ratio. Answering this questions requires a few things to be taken into consideration. In a classroom sized at forty-five students, at least two will have an attention disorder, and three more will have a more prominent learning disability, such as “dyslexia” (Chen 2011). These specific students
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