Private Peaceful By Michael Morpurgo

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Turn back the clock to a high school history class, the topic of the day: World War I. Although bombarded with the statistics and factual knowledge of the war, students are not given information beyond who won and how many casualties each side suffered. Students are not brought into the world of WWI through a connection they may feel to those left behind, or those risking their lives on the battlefield, but rather faced with statistical reports to be regurgitated. Topics such as heartbreak and the loss a family feels when finding out their son have been killed in war are not highlighted throughout a typical history book. Nor do we see a glimpse into the lives of the soldiers before the war began, what they went through in the trenches, or what was left behind when they headed to their death. In the novel, Private Peaceful, by Michael Morpurgo, readers are given a glimpse into the life of soldiers before the war along with the heartache and loss felt when a comrade, or brother, finds death on the battlefield. The story is told from the viewpoint of Tommo Peaceful as he reflects on the life he left behind while at war. His brother Charlie was also with him in the war and through their relationship, readers are given a story of the war that highlights the humanity and love soldiers possessed. With an emphasis on emotions, missing details of life outside of the war zone, and a connection forged between readers and soldiers, Private Peaceful leads readers into the story of WWI
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